We do for printers what plastic surgeons do for supermodels

Colyer pure believes that everything deserves a second crack at the whip.
This is why we invest time and resources offering a second life to (slightly) used printers who have been cast aside for a newer, younger model. With plenty of life left, these printers are refurbished and ready to serve.

How Our Printers Became Pure

Brand New

Fresh off the factory floor, we selected the highest quality printer for our client's needs.

First Owner

We lovingly installed the printer with its first owner and maintained it over the years.


When the first owner upgraded to a younger model, we took it back and fixed it up. Now its ready for a new lease of life.

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You think, we help, you create

You think, we help, you create

Colyer Group is the leading provider of creative, print and office supply solutions for large and small businesses throughout London and beyond. With expertise based on transparency and strong ethics, we ensure that our products leave little impact on the planet while making a strong impact for your business.

Colyer Group is made up of Colyer London, Colyer Repropoint, and Colyer Pure.